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Gift set XXL

Gift set XXL


An exclusive selection of cheeses with condiments in a wooden box that doubles as a picnic tray for serving a cheese board. Both soft and hard cheeses are selected, which will satisfy the most demanding cheese lover. Dimensions of a wooden picnic box: 40 x 24 x 10 cm

  • Ingredients

    Hard cheese "Tomme","Tower", "Potter's", "Ceplis" and "Birznieku"
    Semisoft cheeses "Gauja", "7.8"
    Brie group: "Ash coated", "Four seasons"
    Additions: "Pupuchi" - light, crispy oil-free roasted beans, Honey
    Cheeses may vary depending on the season

  • Storage

    Storage: +2℃ - +8℃
    Shelf life: 30 days

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