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Gauja (200g)

Gauja (200g)

1 Kilogram

Ripened 45-70 days. Washed rind cheese, when young, Gauja has pleasant mild aroma with floral notes. The texture is smooth and somewhat chewy revealing rich taste of earthy, buttery, and slightly tangy real cheese. It develops a pleasing punch as it matures.

  • Ingredients

    Raw cow’s milk, culture, microb.ferment, salt
    Rind: Natural, edible
  • Nutrition values

    per 100g:
    Calories: 1291kJ / 312 kcal
    Total fats: 26g (saturated fats 21.8 g)
    Carbohydrates: 0 (sugars 0)
    Protein: 19g
    NaCl: < 2g
  • Storage

    Affinage: 45-70 days
    Storage: +2℃ - +6℃
    Shelf life: 1 month
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