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Fermentation - art, magic or craft?

Archaeologists admit that the oldest history of the fermentation process can no longer be traced, however, this process is present everywhere in our everyday life - in medicine, food, health and sports' industries, as well as in the storage of various substances and products.

In order to survive, ancient man had to trick nature and learn to control various natural processes. What seems self-evident and 'natural' to us today was, in ancient history, art, sorcery and a source of greatness at the same time.

Food products, grain harvest, meat - everything spoiled over time, but stopping the decay process and the transformation of food substances - fermentation - allowed a person to get long-lasting and most importantly - tasty, healthy things! Under natural conditions, various bacteria, yeasts and enzymes (the presence of which no one had any idea) interacted with products in an inexplicable way. Today man has learned to tame and use to his advantage the forces of the microbiological world.

No matter how people's lives have changed over the course of thousands of years, today it is becoming more and

more popular to prepare various everyday things at home - brewing beer and wine at home, making cheese, baking bread and making home cosmetics.

It is said that everything new is a well-forgotten old. By combining traditions and science, hobbies of a serious level are developing all over the world, breaking down the boundaries between economic sectors - production, food industry, cosmetics industry, agriculture, etc.

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